The reaction of the golf world to Collin Morikawa’s statement


After the 10th major winner left the PGA and moved to LIV at Brooks Koepka, some speculated that Collin Morikawa might be next.

However, the 25-year-old has maintained his desire to stay on the Tour. Confirming this with a couple of tweets on Tuesday.

“Only your #11 PIP winner is here to wish everyone a good morning!” Morikawa tweeted. “Last week at my press conference, I said that the media likes to create drama. Of course, I woke up this morning and saw that everyone thinks I’m next. Not to say that I told you about it, but… I told you about it.”

“For the record, I declare once again that you are all absolutely wrong,” the Open champion continued. “Since February at the Riviera, I’ve been saying that I’m here to stay on the PGA Tour and nothing has changed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some cereal to pour myself some milk.”

The golf world reacted to Morikawa’s statement on Tuesday.

“You’re the best Colleen, a big fan, and I know you have more honesty,” one fan said.

“The fact that you go for milk first causes more concern than the fact that you go anywhere…” Justin Thomas replied.

“Soup for breakfast>>>,” a PFT commentator tweeted.

“CONTRADICTION— COLLEEN MORIKAWA POURS MILK BEFORE CEREAL,” commented Bailey Carlin in capital letters.

“The King,” the “Fore Play” podcast replied.

“In which one of golf’s best young stars goes straight from the PGA—LIV controversy straight into… Milk First vs. Cereal First,” Jason Gay tweeted.

Milk first?