The reaction of the football world to Kelly Stafford’s racy photo


Earlier this week, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford finally joined Instagram.

On Friday afternoon, Stafford posted a photo of himself sporting a Super Bowl ring. Stafford’s post contained this caption: “She’s a real beauty.”

In the photo, Stafford’s wife, Kelly, was noticeably cropped. Well, Kelly saw Matt’s post and responded with her own Instagram post. She cut out Stafford’s face, left the ring, and then enlarged herself.

“We look good together,” she said of the ring. Adam Schefter tweeted a photo of Kelly on Instagram that caught the attention of the masses.

“Adam, what is this?” — said one fan.

Some fans don’t want to comment on Kelly Stafford’s Instagram post out of respect for Matthew-at least that’s what they say.

“As for my QB, I won’t comment on Kelly Stafford’s Instagram post,” one fan said.

Matthew Stafford and company hope to add to their collection of rings this season.


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