The reaction of the football world to Jack Harlow’s performance in Ohio


On Saturday morning, ESPN College GameDay had a special guest — musician Jack Harlow.

Earlier this week, ESPN announced that Harlow would be serving as a guest picker. Ohio State fans weren’t thrilled with the choice, as Harlow has nothing to do with the school.

Well, they let him feel that energy today. There was clearly a lack of enthusiasm during his speech.

“I want to help Jack Harlow build a big stage,” one fan said.

“A college game day with Jack Harlow coming to Ohio State to sing and be invited doesn’t even make sense when he’s from Kentucky and a famous Louisville fan,” another fan said.

“Poor Jack Harlow, they made this man preform at 11 a.m. on the day of the college game, they set the man up to fail,” said a third fan.

Perhaps he should perform in Louisville for a better reception.


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