The Reaction of The Director of “Emancipation” Antoine Fuqua to Fans Linking The Film With a Slap in The Face of Will Smith


The last time we saw Will Smith in a cinematic setting was in King Richard, where he played Richard Williams, the father of tennis icons Venus and Serena Williams. The role earned Smith the Academy Award for Best Actor earlier this year, but it was at the same awards ceremony that the actor attracted more attention for hitting Chris Rock on stage after the comedian joked about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s appearance. Now Smith is promoting his next film, Emancipation, and its director Antoine Fuqua reacted to fans who associate “Emancipation” with a slap in the face at the Oscars.

There is a little less than a month left before Apple TV+ subscribers will be able to broadcast “Emancipation”, but the advertising campaign of the film is in full swing. This includes Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua’s chat with Vanity Fair, and although Smith declined to answer a question about his Oscar incident, Fuqua told the outlet the following:

The film is more to me than this moment. Four hundred years of slavery is more than a moment. I hope that people will see it that way, watch the movie and be amazed by Will’s great acting and all the hard work that the entire crew has done.

“Emancipation” marks the first collaboration between Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua, with the latter making films such as “Training Day”, “Equalizer” and “Lefty”. In June 2020, the public learned that the two would unite in “Emancipation,” but Smith’s image changed a lot when people around the world saw him slap Chris Rock live on air. However, as far as Fuqua is concerned, the moment of the Oscar should have nothing to do with how people perceived “Emancipation”, both in relation to its subject matter and in relation to the hard work invested in the film itself.

Antonina Fuqua’s comment came shortly after Will Smith’s partner in the movie “Wild, Wild West” Bai Lin said that the actor deserves forgiveness for what he did, and Smith also reported that Floyd Mayweather called him for 10 days immediately after the slap. For his part, Smith officially apologized to Chris Rock back in late July, but Rock was reportedly not interested in talking to Smith the following month. Even with the next round of Oscar celebrations slowly approaching, it doesn’t look like this topic will subside soon (they even made a Halloween costume out of it), but Antoine Fuqua hopes that this won’t affect how “Emancipation” is perceived. / got the masses.

In the film “Emancipation”, based on real events, Will Smith plays an enslaved man named Peter, who escapes from captivity, outsmarts cold-blooded hunters on the way North, and then joins the Union Army. Smith was joined by Ben Foster, Stephen Ogg, Charmaine Bingwa, Gilbert Ur, Mustafa Shakir and Grant Harvey, among others. Go back to the CinemaBlend website to get an overview of the film and learn more about what’s going on with Smith professionally and personally.


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