The reaction of the college football world to the unexpected news about the kickers of Ohio State


When it comes to college football kickers, no news is usually the best news. But one kicker from Ohio State made a splash with a move he apparently is making.

Buckeyes insider Dan Hope reported Thursday that kicker Jake Seibert is trying out a new position in practice. Seibert, who did not play in 2021, gets representatives at the quarterback position.

As a true 2020 freshman, Seibert didn’t see much action until the very end of the season. He scored a perfect 16 of 16 extra points in games against Rutgers, Indiana, and in the national championship against Alabama.

But Seibert made only one of his two shot attempts from the game and did not play in 2021. With Noah Ruggles securing the kicker position in 2022, it seems obvious that Seibert needs to find other ways to get playing time.

College football fans are both surprised and confused by this move. Some think it’s a recruitment failure, while others think Seibert may have the skill to make the experiment work.:

Jake Seibert, a former three-star prospect from Cincinnati in 2020, was voted the No. 2 player in the country by 247Sports.

But Seibert’s high recruitment ratings were not enough to allow him to keep his job in such a critical position for the team.

Will Seibert find his niche playing fullback for the Buckeyes?


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