The reaction of the college football world to the Nick Saban and Deion Sanders ads


Nick Saban and Deion Sanders seem to have overcome the animosity that arose between the two coaches after Saban’s past comments.

Back in May, an Alabama coach claimed that Sanders and Jackson State paid top recruit Travis Hunter “a million dollars” to cancel his commitment from Florida State.

However, in the teaser of their ongoing advertising partnership with the insurance company Aflac, it seems they have put the spat behind them. Sanders tweeted: “Two [goats]. 1 [duck]. No beef.”

The world of college football reacted to the reunion of coaches on social networks.

“Jimbo Fisher has scheduled a press conference to discuss this,” wrote a fan from Alabama.

“Golden…” said another.

“Never doubt,” another user replied.

“A duet that everyone missed,” Aflak commented.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have Saban and Jimbo in the same room?..