The reaction of the college football world to the drama of Ohio State academics


Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman continues to deliver not-so-subtle blows to his alma mater ahead of the Irish’s first season against Ohio State.

More recently, Freeman has taken a bit of a swipe at Buckeyes academics. Speaking in an interview with CBS Sports:

“Don’t you go to classes [in such places]?” asked Freeman rhetorically. “Okay, take some online lessons, come to meetings. At Notre Dame, they make you go to class every day.”

The college football world reacted to Freeman’s comments from Ohio State on Tuesday.

“That’s why people don’t like [Notre Dame],” one user replied. “Say what you want about your school, but if you keep silent about a rival school, you look childish.”

“Every Notre Dame student thinks he has a Nobel Prize related to his specialization in English,” another commented.

“A deer once famously said, ‘We didn’t come to play at school,’ and now OSU is mad at that comment?” a Michigan fan asked. “That’s right…”

WOWWWWW… Marcus is crossing the line here,” another said. “It’s almost like he’s trying too hard to prove that he’s not a Buckeye, but he’s all in ND.”

“I will never understand that this is an excavation. If I’m going to choose a college as a high school student… give me one that doesn’t require me to go to classes,” another tweeted.

September 3rd can’t come soon enough.