The reaction of the college football world to Nick Saban’s statement at a press conference


Throughout Nick Saban’s performance in Alabama, several wonderful assistants came and went, including former Crimson Tide organizer Steve Sarkisian, who will be on the rival side in Texas this weekend.

At a press conference on Monday, Saban was asked about the difficulty of playing with a team led by someone familiar with Bama’s system. To which the seven – time national champion replied:

We played with several teams that know us. But you act like we don’t know them.

The world of college football reacted to Saban’s remark on social media.

“Can anyone really know another person? Really know him?”

“Whatever the queue for Saturday, it won’t be enough,” Tim Bielik said. “It could be Alabama -50, and I’ll probably pick Alabama anyway.”

“Same energy: ‘People have doubted me all my life’ ~ #1 overall and Heisman winner Bryce Young.”

“Saban is looking across the field on Saturday morning,” another commented.

“Totally ready to see Saban hit the midfield after the A&M game at this rate,” Mike Golic Jr. tweeted.



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