The reaction of the college basketball world to the news of Rick Pitino’s accusations


Rick Pitino is no longer the head coach of Louisville—he hasn’t been for several years—but the allegations have continued to flow since his tenure.

According to the Courier-Journal, the NCAA alleges that Pitino was behind a bribery scheme when hiring high-ranking officials.

“The NCAA alleges that Rick Pitino sanctioned the bribery scheme behind the recruitment of Brian Bowen to the University of Louisville,” Tim Sullivan reports.

Bowen was a five-star recruit in the class of 2017 who went to Louisville for several other major programs.

He never played in a game for Louisville after an apparent FBI investigation into his recruitment.

College basketball fans aren’t shocked by this news.

“The Division of Complex Cases is simply cut and pasted from Merle Koda’s book. Code has never been interviewed by the NCAA about the allegations in his book. It remains to be seen if they have provided any actual supporting evidence of the claim,” one fan tweeted.

“Other news: the water is wet,” one fan added.

Pitino is currently the head coach of Iona.


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