The reaction of the college basketball world to the Gonzaga, Michigan game


For the first time in a decade, Gonzaga and Michigan State College basketball players will meet.

And even better, it will be the next Carrier Classic installation.

According to John Rothstein of CBS Sports, “Gonzaga and Michigan State are currently finalizing plans to host a neutral carrier game in San Diego on Veterans Day (November 11), according to multiple sources.”

The world of student hoops reacted to the loud game outside the conference on social media.

“The 2011 Spartans Carrier Classic game against UNC was epic,” Bleacher report says.

“Michigan State’s non—fraud schedule is going to be crazy!” wrote Brandon Champion. “Kentucky (neutral), Gonzaga (Neutral), Alabama Triple, Iowa State, North Carolina, Oregon, Portland, University of California, Villanova (home), Notre Dame (road)…Hold on to your asses.”

“He’s back!” another user exclaimed. “Gonzaga and Michigan State need to rock special camouflage jerseys.”

Be sure to circle it in the calendar.