The reaction of football fans to today’s performance by Lee Corso


Despite his advanced age, Lee Corso, a longtime college football analyst, remains an important contributor to ESPN College GameDay.

Although he is a beloved member of the film crew, some fans think it’s time for Corso to end this. Others, however, believe that Corso’s ability to pass the pre-game show deserves respect.

“Of course, people have their claims, but Lee Corso is quite remarkable for 87 years. You don’t just come and go on TV. There’s an endless string of meetings going on all week, and they probably start at 6 a.m. or earlier on Saturday. for GameDay. Corso has incredible stamina,” said Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post.

However, not everyone agrees.

“I understand that Lee Corso is the foundation of College Gameday, but this can’t go on, man…,” said another fan.

What do you think about the continuation of Corso’s appearance on College GameDay?


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