The rare that the production uses to put together costumes


Costumes are an important part of a show, even more so if it is a period series like Outlander, so many showrunners allocate large budgets that are specifically allocated to the creation of costumes.

Although some showrunners like to stick to the basics when it comes to creating their costumes, others prefer to think outside the box. Outlander showrunners get creative with culinary items to create the iconic costumes that audiences see.

Outlander is popular with its audience because of its love stories, intertwined stories, and time travel. The show’s executive producers tried to make things clear about how the characters can time travel.

The showrunners pointed out that time and location are crucial, characters have to be in places to make time travel possible. Additionally, characters must wear particular gems in order to be able to travel through time safely. However, there are some loopholes in this theory.

Even if someone is in the right place at the right time and wearing the right gemstones, it is not a guarantee that they can travel back in time. Some fans believe this is because time travel could be an inherited trait, as in the case of Claire and Brianna.

Part of the reason Outlander is so popular is its quaint locations and up-to-date haute couture, which is why the characters can always be seen wearing trendy and time-appropriate pieces. Ladies usually wear corsets while men wear skirts with nothing underneath.

In turn, the actors of the Starz series have expressed their appreciation for the costumes saying that they have allowed them to live through women at that time. Likewise, actress Caitriona Balfe noted that staying in a corset for so long during filming has allowed her to feel how oppressed women felt at the time, especially with their outfits.

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According to Marie Claire, Outlander’s creative team uses household items to perfect the costumes, so the show’s stylists use cheese graters, torches and pumice stones to create the exemplary costumes and give them a vivid look. Some of the costumes are even tied up and baked to make them look as authentic as possible.


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