The rapper who plagiarized Agust D gets into the argument


A few months ago, Alllex Black was accused of plagiarizing ‘Daechwita’ by Agust D, the song of the Ukrainian rapper ’10k’ sounded similar to Suga’s work, now, Alllex is in controversy when publishing videos breaking posters with the image of the musician of Big Hit Entertainment.

In August 2020, ARMY joined on social networks to denounce an alleged plagiarism, the Ukrainian rapper Alllex Black had published the song ’10k’ on YouTube, the track had many musical elements that resembled ‘Daechwita’ by Agust D.

The Big Hit Entertainment company published a legal warning to let Alllex Black know that they were analyzing the plagiarism case and the official ‘10k’ video was taken down due to multiple complaints.

Alllex Black continued to publish his musical works on different platforms and through Instagram the rapper posted images of him tied up in a forest in protest, even tagging the entertainment company Big Hit.

Now, Alllex Black and his friend Egor are being involved in a new controversy, as both shared videos mocking and tearing posters with the image of Agust D.


Alllex Black’s account on Instagram is private, but that of his friend Egor is not. A few hours ago the boy shared two videos where he and Black seem to be dancing, tearing up Agust D posters and listening to ’10k’.

In one of the clips there is a photograph of Agust D with the caption ‘Alllex Black – 10k’ and Egor says:

This is not the real one, it is not the original, don’t listen to it

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Egor tears up the photo of BTS’s Suga and then pulls the same image out of his sweatshirt, but now it can read ‘Agust D – Daechwita’. The person who recorded it was Alllex Black. The video already has more than 80 thousand reproductions.


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