The rally of 3 altcoins can begin! Kenny Sounded Ambitious!


The negative in the markets continues, and, unfortunately, there has been no recovery after the FOMC protocol. Cryptocurrencies are always risky, and there is no guarantee that we will not go deeper from here. However, there are some altcoins that can bring a good profit to the investor in the scenario when the cryptocurrency markets return. At least, that’s what popular cryptocurrency analyst Coner Kenny thinks.

Koner Kenny shared a total of 3 altcoins and said they could grow in April.


The first altcoin mentioned in the list is WeYu (WEYU). WEYU is a multi—chain platform specially designed for the NFT resale market. WEYU seems to have serious user potential, as tokenization of items such as collectibles, art, music, content and property has become the norm. That’s why Kenny’s trainer puts him at the top of the list of favorites.

“It’s going to be an outstanding user experience, one of the highlights of this project is that they have a really good GUI, which is very important.”

Launch pads

There is not a single altcoin at the end of the list. Kenny added a merging launcher to his list. KCCPAD (KCCPAD) and TRONPAD (TRONPAD) merged into PolyPad (POLYPAD).

“KCCPad provides stability, security and great opportunities for the new and long-awaited KuCoin community network. We recently learned that KCCPAD and TRONPAD have merged into PolyPad. It was another launch pad with a similar multi-level system. KCCPAD tokens in Binance Smart Chain can be moved to Polygon using a custom bridge. Once you arrive at Polygon, you will be able to exchange your KCCPAD tokens for POLYPAD tokens.”

Its market value is still quite low, and Kenny expects serious growth.


STEPN is a Web3—style lifestyle app with fun social elements and a gamified design. You can earn GST daily by traveling outdoors. Of course, to do this, you first need to get one of the shoes with an NFT sole. Each shoe has its own characteristics and strengths.

“They are trying to rethink health, so the Step app turns fitness goals into income based on the augmented reality of the metaverse and the leading blockchain technology. About 60,000 people have already been registered. This is an exciting project at a very early stage.”

Koner Kenny expects this altcoin to start a stronger rally as well.