The Queen’s Gambit: Netflix miniseries could win musical


According to information obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, the novel by Walter Tevis that served as the basis for the scripts for the miniseries O Gambito da Rainha, on Netflix, had its rights sold to a musical theater producer.

Thus, it is speculated that the work on chess player Beth Harmon will be adapted for the stage very soon. According to a survey conducted by the website, the company responsible for the purchase has in its curriculum two recent pieces that won the Tony Awards.

“It is a great privilege for Level Forward to bring O Gambito da Rainha to the stage through the beloved and enduring art of musical theater”, commented Adrienne Becker, CEO of Level Forward, in an official press release.

In the same newsletter, producer Julia Dunetz said that she was very happy with the opportunity and very anxious to take the project forward.

“Told through a new and courageous point of view, the audience is already sharing the friendship and firmness of the women who inspire the story that energize and sustain Beth Harmon’s journey and final triumph,” she commented.

Learn more about the history of O Gambito da Rainha

The miniseries plot features Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), a young orphan who stands out in the chess world with her fierce skill during the 1960s. In parallel with her career, the character must deal with some dramatic addictions in your life.

With seven episodes, O Gambito da Rainha has become one of the most watched miniseries on Netflix. Since the launch, it has been gaining public and critical recognition. It is worth noting that in the current awards season, production won several awards.

We hope that the adaptation for the theater will also be a great success!


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