The Quarry: the location of all Tarot cards


Tarot cards are considered collectibles and are important for players who want to learn a little about the future of The Quarry. At the end of each chapter, including the prologue, a woman who appears to be a fortune teller asks the players about the cards they have collected. This woman is a non—player character named Eliza Vorez.

It looks like these Tarot cards once belonged to her, as she asks people to take them back. As a reward, she explains each Card and asks if the players would like to delve into the hidden future of the Card. Acceptance allows you to play a small scene on her crystal ball, which may or may not happen in a Career. Keep in mind that if people give her more than one Card, she will only be able to explore one future.

All Tarot card locations in the quarry

A total of 22 Tarot cards are scattered in Hackett’s Career Summer Camp, which can be collected throughout the Prologue and the next ten chapters.

Location of the map chapter Prologue Fool Playing as Laura, players will explore the forest while Max repairs the car. From the muddy slope, go a little forward, and the Fool Tarot card will appear. Chapter 1 Moderation After Jacob enters the house through the window, go to the kitchen near the main door, and the abstinence card will rest on several pots. Chapter 2 The Hanged Man When Nick and Abigail collect firewood, choose a Rocky road and keep walking until a white sign appears. On the way to the left is the “Hanged” card. Chapter 3 The Star Tower In the boathouse, after Emma sends Jacob for towels, heading to the canoe, you change the camera angle to the Star Map. After the fiasco of all truth and courage, Abigail is lost in the woods. Walking along the path, Abi will hear voices and there will be two videos. After that, go ahead to get the Tower Map. Chapter 4 The Power of the Wizard This card can be obtained in the video. When the group helps Nick get into the wigwam, quickly grab a Power Card before the cut scene ends. Driving Emma, move to the dock behind her, and the camera will switch to the Wizard’s Tarot card. Chapter 5 The Hermit Devil This card can be obtained in the video. When the group helps Nick get into the wigwam, quickly grab a Power Card before the cut scene ends. Still playing as Dylan, when you reach the Radio Hut, go left near the antenna tower to find the Hermit’s Map. Chapter 6 Justice Moon After crossing the broken bridge as Jacob, go down the stairs, then go left to get the Justice Card before climbing the stairs on the right. At the Pool House, when Abigail is looking for things to calm Nick down, go to the shower and enter the middle stall so that the camera focuses on the Map of the Moon. Chapter 7 World Chariot Driving Laura, go to the door of the cell to find a map of the World under the bed. While still controlling Laura, go to the main office at the police station and walk between the tables to see the chariot map. Chapter 8 Wheel of Fortune Lovers Empress Emperor In the mines after the screensaver where the platform breaks, go left to the small platform and take the Lovers Card. The Wheel of Fortune card is found automatically after Laura enters the tunnel of nightmares in the quarry. From the corridor with barrels in Hackett’s basement, go left into the room, and the map of the Empress will appear. Return to the corridor of the barrel and follow the path at the end of which there will be a map of the Emperor. Chapter 9 Death The Court of the Sun Hierophant Inside the bedroom, controlling Ryan, stand next to the black cage to find the Death Card at the top of the closet. When Laura enters the room with the piano, go up the stairs and go to the room on the left. Walk a few steps into the room to see the Solar Map outside the window. Playing as Dylan in the junkyard, climb the stairs to get to the top of some containers. Go to the left to find the Justice Card. In the Storm Shelter at Camp, Abigail can find the Hierophant’s Map near the stairs. Chapter 10 High Priestess When Caitlin returns to the lodge, climb the stairs next to the bedroom on the second floor. Go to the left and there will be a map of the High Priestess.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.