The Quarry Developer Supermassive Games acquired by Nordisk Games


Independent game developer Supermassive Games has made a name for himself in the industry. Providing high-quality experiences focused on cinematic storytelling, such as “Live Till Dawn” and “Dark Picture Anthology,” has resonated with gamers in a market that seems to be becoming increasingly focused on multiplayer games and live services. In a morning announcement, Supermassive Games announced that the studio is no longer independent, finding a home in Nordisk Games.

The acquisition of Supermassive Games came a year after Nordisk Games invested in the studio. Nordisk Games is owned by Nordisk Film, and the acquisition of Supermassive will expand the portfolio of Nordisk Games studios on the gaming scene. Nordisk fully owns Avalanche Studios Group, the Just Cause game development team, and has various stakes in studios such as Star Stable Entertainment, Flashbulb Games, Nitro Games and MercurySteam.

According to the official statement, both sides talked about the potential that the acquisition brings with it. Mikkel Vader, CEO of Nordisk Games, said: “By acquiring 100% of the studio, we will be able to strengthen our support for the team and, most importantly, continue our excellent working relationship with them.” Vader continues to emphasize the talent of Supermassive Games employees, as well as the potential to continue producing the heavy story games that Supermassive is famous for.

In general, the reaction to this announcement was positive, since it made sense for Nordisk to completely acquire Supermassive. Supermassive Games raises the stakes more and more with each new game released by the studio, as can be seen from its latest released work, The Quarry. The full investment gives Supermassive the proper support needed to continue high-quality work as the studio looks to the future of the cinematic experience. Perhaps Supermassive Games will pull out a full wild card and work on the name Scream at the request of The Quarry actor David Arquette.

Prior to working in the horror genre, Supermassive Games worked on PlayStation games, such as various DLC LittleBigPlanet and Killzone HD. “Live till Dawn” in 2015 marked a noticeable shift in the direction of the team’s development, but since it was a PlayStation game, fans were quick to point out that Sony may have missed the chance to acquire the studio. Time will tell if this was a serious mistake, as Supermassive looks to the future of The Dark Pictures Anthology series and the future of narrative-based games.