The Quarrel With Henderson and 5 Things The Fans Are Talking About After Aston Villa’s 1-3 Victory Over Liverpool


Liverpool marked their return to the Premier League with a 3-1 victory over Aston Villa, and on a day when the Reds also seemed to have struck a deal to sign Cody Gakpo, the fans had a lot to discuss afterwards.

After the Reds missed a lot of opportunities against Man City in the League Cup last week, the focus on Boxing Day was on Darwin Nunez.

And despite failing to add nine goals to his tally this season, the Uruguayan was awarded the best player of the match by Amazon Prime and told his critics to “stay calm” in a post on the social network after the game.

But there were plenty of other topics to discuss after a busy Boxing Day for Liverpool, including a row with Jordan Henderson and a moment between Jurgen Klopp and Philippe Coutinho.

Hendo silences Villa fans

We’re not quite sure what was said here, but something seemed to sting Henderson when he was replaced in the second half by Villa Park.

Cameras caught Henderson talking to some Villa fans behind the dugout as he was leaving, and other images and footage of fans emerged showing him putting his finger to his lips as he took his place on the bench.

The 3-1 victory clearly spoke volumes!

Jurgen and Phil have a minute


Philippe Coutinho’s departure from Liverpool, which happened almost four years ago, definitely did not like the majority of Reds fans.

Many will never forgive the Brazilian for the mansion in which he organized his move to Barcelona, but there is clearly no love between Coutinho and Klopp.

What could be, and Phil?

This turn of the Doak…

If Lucas Dean didn’t know who Ben Doak was before this game, now he knows for sure!

A few minutes after his debut in the Premier League, the 17-year-old Liverpool winger confidently allowed the ball to pass between his legs, and then turned around and rushed to him to launch an attack, leaving Dinh on the floor.

Just the kind of “audacity” that Klopp likes to see in his young players.

And a lovely post from Ben’s very proud mom…

This Trent passage

Trent was really at the top of his Villa Park game, wasn’t he?

His pass on the eve of Mohamed Salah’s first match was worth one entrance fee.

A certain Mr. Gakpo will lick his lips at the prospect of such a service!


Virgil knew…

In a post-match interview, Virgil van Dijk hinted at potential newcomers in the coming weeks, saying he hoped Liverpool would be able to “welcome new players to our football club” [in January] and that “quality is always welcome.”

About an hour later it became known that his countryman Gakpo was heading from PSV. Agent Virg is on top!

And some Liverpool fans are wondering if his use of the word “players” rather than “player” could mean that even more signings are on the horizon.…


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