The psychological effect of using Instagram for a long time!


With the spread of the Internet and technology, the use of social media has reached a very high level. Many people, from young to old, have a membership on at least one social media platform. This situation can go up to 4-5 accounts, especially for young people. A recent study investigated the psychological effects of using Instagram for a long time.

Especially women who use Instagram extensively can get into a negative structure without realizing it.

Using Instagram for a long time affects psychologically negatively

Many people nowadays have social media accounts. Although social media accounts have many different uses, the general use focuses on appearance. Many people compete on platforms such as Instagram where photo sharing is high and they do not even know about it. A researcher investigated the effect of this issue on human psychology.

Women who emotionally invest heavily in social media platforms become worried about their body image after a while and begin to feel flawed. Using Instagram for a long time can lead to negative psychological consequences, especially on women. In this case, the vicious circle begins. When women who invest a lot of emotion begin to see themselves as flawed, they invest more emotionally to close this supposed flaw.

According to the article published by Dr Danielle Wagstaff in the journal of the American Psychological Association, using Instagram for more than three months intensively makes you feel flawed. About 130 women aged 18 to 35 have completed a series of tests related to their mental health and self-perception. As a result of the test, physical appearance anxiety, decreased self-esteem and dissatisfaction appeared in many people.

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In the second part of the research, a group of women viewed photos with the theme of beauty, sports and travel. In addition to the above results, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and body dissatisfaction appeared in women who followed the pages with this concept.


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