The PS5’s pricing was decided “earlier this year,”


Sony’s president assures that the figure was closed since the beginning of 2020. They have more PS5s ready than in the launch of PS4 in 2013.

Sony had the PS5 pricing decided since early 2020, says Jim Ryan, CEO and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment. In a meeting with The Washington Post, the manager reflected on the imminent start of his new generation of consoles, which will have more units ready to hit stores than they had with PS4 back in 2013 on similar dates.

Ryan claims that Sony has managed to produce a number of PS5 and PS5 All Digital units in excess of the 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units that were sold in the first two weeks; a million of them the first day. The total figure, however, remains unknown. SIE denied the Bloomberg report this week that Sony had 11 million units ready by the end of March (instead of the initial 15 million expected) due to a problem in one of its components. In his words, they had decided the price “at the beginning of this year.”

PS5 will be priced at 499 euros and 399 euros (PS5 All Digital)
“For quite a while, in the early stages of the COVID crisis, that scenario was not very clear,” says Ryan regarding the PS5 price decision. “Since the number of units was not clear, would there be a market? Will someone be allowed to put it up for sale? Were the stores open? This year has been like no other. But all this managed to strengthen our determination; the path we decided on at the beginning of the year turned out to be absolutely the right one ”

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PlayStation 5 will hit European stores on November 19; November 12 in the United States, Mexico, Japan, Canada and other territories. The model with a disc reader will be priced at 499 euros; PS5 All Digital will cost 399 euros. In both cases, reservations have started in Spain.

The PlayStation Studios launch games for PS5 are, except for changes, additions or possible cancellations: Astro’s Playroom (pre-installed), Demon’s Souls, Destruction All Stars, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure…


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