The PS5 will soon be entitled to new generation Vr headset!


According to Sony information, a next-generation VR headset for the PS5 may soon be released in the coming months

Did you own a VR headset for the PS4? You will soon be has been. Indeed, the PS5 will also be entitled to its own virtual reality headset next year. In any case, this is what the latest news from Sony suggests.

But before we think about buying a headset, maybe we should have the console at home. And on this point, there is something to talk about. Indeed, the Japanese firm fails to meet the strong demand from gamers.

Still, many more PS5s were sold at launch compared to the PS4. Still, it looks like Sony has managed to attract far more players than it thought. Therefore, the demand is strong and not really met.

Blame it on the health crisis which prevents Sony from having enough stocks for everyone. Production is slowed down and major brands do not want to sell consoles in their stores. This creates a risk of crowds that must be avoided during this time of Covid-19.

At the moment, therefore, it is only online that the company sells its precious technological jewels. And unless you spend entire days on a merchant site, tormenting the F5 key or having a big splash, many gamers fail to have it.

But with the large stock of PS5s that Sony made available in February, several million people were finally able to get the precious sesame. This should lead to a drop in demand and satisfy those who do not yet have it.

The PS5 will soon be entitled to a new generation VR headset!


In other words, the more the months go by, the more likely you are to have your console. Once this is done, you can then consider buying the VR headset that goes with it. The latter, due to arrive in 2022 according to information from the Japanese firm.

The headset reserved for the PS5 will have what more than that of the PS4? Hideaki Nishino answered, “Since the release of PS VR on PS4, we have learned a lot. And we are using this new knowledge to develop a next generation VR system. ”

Before adding: “Improved in every way from resolution to field of view to position tracking and controls. ”

The same headset would even be even easier to use: “To simplify its installation, this new system will be connected to the PS5. By a single cable to enjoy a high-fidelity visual experience. ”

It remains to be seen when we will be able to take advantage of this novelty. Because if Sony ensures its arrival in 2022, when we see the hassle of producing its consoles, we have reason to be skeptical.


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