The PS5 DualSense Edge controller Should get the Right price


Based on the rumors circulating online right now regarding the next PlayStation Showcase, Sony’s muted appearance at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event was probably to be expected. Given the recent leaks of Helldivers 2 and Ballistic Moon, all signs point to the publisher having its own imminent event. However, despite all this, Sony was still able to cause excitement by the start of the show with the help of a brand new DualSense Edge controller for the PS5.

During a short trailer at an event presented by Jeff Cayley, Sony showed off the new PS5 controller for the first time. In an article published a few moments later on the PlayStation blog, he went even further and presented all his key features. Even though the idea of an “elite controller” isn’t revolutionary, and the existence of DualSense Edge leaked online earlier this year, it’s easy to see that it’s still a coveted piece of technology-and that’s another reason why Sony’s asking price of kits for it should be just right.

Advantages of DualSense Edge

From all the information Sony has shared about the DualSense Edge controller for PS5, it looks like it will be a reliable technology. Based on the extensive list of promised features, it’s also clear that the publisher intended to improve what players liked about the original DualSense. Two reassigable rear lobes, interchangeable joystick caps, and a host of customizable options should all offer improved ways to experience games like God of War: Ragnarok.

Thus, in terms of pure functionality, DualSense Edge meets all the requirements. So much so that it’s easy to see how it keeps up with Microsoft’s own line of Xbox Elite wireless controllers. However, both of these factors mean that there is a clear possibility that the new PS5 controller will also be positioned as a premium technology. It’s worth bearing in mind that the initial launch of DualSense is still selling for around $69.99, so players should count north of that figure when it comes to price.

Although the release date or price is not disclosed, from Sony’s point of view, installing DualSense Edge at around $150 may be right for its own profit. Given that PS5 shipments are still limited, the publisher is probably hoping that the controller and the upcoming PS VR2 will reimburse some of the hardware revenue it is not currently receiving. Positioning it as a slightly cheaper alternative to the second-generation Xbox Elite wireless controller, which currently retails for around $179.99, may also be a factor currently being weighed.

DualSense Edge Implementation Rate

However, what works best for Sony’s profits won’t be good for the general public. If DualSense Edge is accepted by PlayStation owners and therefore becomes successful, its creator will have to carefully determine the asking price. For most people, any price at which it eventually lands will create or break their desire to buy it. As an additional piece of equipment, the new PS5 controller will not determine the overall state of the Sony ecosystem. However, this does not mean that the publisher will want it to be a stain on his track record because of the high price.

There are also two moral elements in the price of the DualSense Edge that Sony should keep in mind. Judging by how PlayStation fans will receive it and the PS VR headset of the second generation, which will be sold to them in the coming months, asking the same audience to pay a lot of money for both would not be the best solution. The original DualSense suffered from drift issues, so the fact that the Edge joysticks could reportedly be replaced for the price was also likely to scare many Gamescom viewers. An affordable base price will subsequently become a significant PR gain.

Ever since the infamous $599 PS3 price was announced, the publisher can’t quite get rid of the idea that he likes to charge extra for new hardware. Even though steps have been taken to address this issue, such as the PS4 and PS5, DualSense Edge represents a great opportunity for a more definitive solution to the problem. Despite the fact that there were praises after its disclosure, how long the controller will live in the memory of Sony fans will depend on how much the publisher will ask them to pay for it when the launch details are revealed.


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