The Prophecies of the Famous Oracle Vanga’s for 2020 Year Announced


The prophecies for the year 2020 by Vanga, one of the most famous seers of the world, were shared. According to Vanga’s prophecies, the year 2020 will be active in both political and natural events.

We all know Vanga. Vanga was born in Bulgaria in 1911. In 1996, at the age of 85, he turned his eyes to his dark life. Vanga, who spent most of his life in the mountains of “Kozhuh” within the borders of Bulgaria, is famous for the prophecies he put forward and sometimes for his scary prophecies.

2019 is slowly lagging behind, and people have already postponed their hopes to 2020. But people are already wondering what will happen next year. As such, people are turning their eyes on the prophecies predicted by Vanga for 2020. Now we will tell you about the prophecies of Vanga for the year 2020.

What will happen in 2020 according to Vanga?
The most remarkable of the prophecies of Vanga about the year 2020 is about the Far East. Vanga said that in 2020, there would be a tsunami big enough to hit China, Japan and even Pakistan. We hope that this prophecy will not be true, but it is possible to say that a great tsunami that can be experienced will make a sound throughout the world and the consequences of this tsunami can be very heavy.

One of the predictions for the year 2020 is about US President Donald Trump. According to Vanga, Donald Trump will face serious health problems in 2020. In fact, according to Vanga’s prophecies, Donald Trump’s possible discomfort will reach his hearing loss. However, Vanga did not give any explanation as to how and what this result would be.

Vanga’s prophecies about 2020 are not limited to these. The famous seer says that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not have a good time in 2020 either. Because according to the prophecies Putin will be assassinated in 2020. Moreover, it is stated that the person who will assassinate will probably be one of Putin’s own protection team.

Vanga has another prophecy about Russia. This prophecy suggests that Russia may face a major meteorite crisis next year. In addition, according to Vanga, Europe will enter into a major economic collapse in 2020. In fact, Vanga’s European prophecy seems to be real, because Britain’s Brexit Agreement will shake Europe deeply.


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