The Promising Statement for Season 3 of The Punisher


“There is always hope” for Season 3 of The Punisher, Jon Bernthal said in a recent interview. used the expressions. Bernthal stated that he was part of the Punisher character, but was not invited to the rooms where the decision to continue the drama would be made.

The Punisher, a Marvel Netflix series, has managed to create a wide audience worldwide after its first season aired in 2017. After more than a year, season 2 of The Punisher, another Marvel anti-hero, Frank Castle, who appeared before Netflix subscribers, continued to illegally “punish”.

While saying that everything is going well for The Punisher, the wave of project cancellations that started with Marvel’s reconstruction with Disney + just one month after the release of season 2 hit The Punisher, and the series was canceled after two seasons considered successful.

For Season 3 of The Punisher by Jon Bernthal: There is always hope

The 44-year-old American actor actor Jon Bernthal, who gave life to the character of Punisher / Frank Castle, gave hope to The Punisher fans in his interview with the Geek House Show. Regarding the third season, which was canceled during the interview, “There is always hope.” Bernthal said for The Punisher that the bridges were not completely destroyed.

“It’s in my blood, in my bones … So what matters is not whether we do it or not, we do it right,” Bernthal made emotional statements about The Punisher and Frank Castle. Getting in rooms. But he’s always a part of me. I will be ready when I am called (for season 3) and will do everything I can to make sure we do it right. ” He spoke in the form.

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Disney, the umbrella company of Marvel, rivaled Netflix with its online streaming service Disney +, and from the moment the two companies started competing with each other, we saw that Marvel productions began to move away from Netflix one by one. Marvel has not announced a Disney + project for The Punisher yet, but we are likely to encounter such an announcement in the future. Because the previous statements were that The Punisher season 3 story was already ready.


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