The producer of Final Fantasy 16 compared Eikon Battle to a professional wrestling match


Earlier this month, Square Enix gave fans a second look at Final Fantasy 16 in game state. This was recently followed by a series of interviews conducted by Yoshi-P, in which new details were revealed. For example, it is confirmed that there will be a party system in Final Fantasy 16, but it is not the same as in previous games. Fans will have one or two companions who will join them at different points in the story.

It has also been confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will not be an open world, but will be a series of large zones that players can explore. Yoshi-P also talked about the battles of the Eikons in the game, showing how diverse they are, and even comparing one of them with a wrestling match.

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Speaking about the fact that the user interface of Eikon Battles is a bit like a fighting game with Game Informer, Yoshi-P reported that the user interface has undergone several changes during the development process. At first there was relatively little of it, and then it was expanded, and part of the user interface remained only in the Final Fantasy 16 Dominance trailer to show that it was real-time footage. However, it seems that the user interface will vary from the battle with Eikon to the battle with Eikon, as each of them is designed in its own way.

Each fight will depend on Akon, which makes sense given their diversity. More precisely, Yoshi-P said that “the overall game design for these Eikon vs Eikon battles, however, should be unique, and in fact we don’t actually use the same system twice.” He then goes on to say that one battle between Akon and Akon will be like a 3D shooter, another will be like a professional wrestling match, and the third will be like an entire battlefield.

In fact, several UI elements were hidden in the trailer to avoid Final Fantasy 16 plot spoilers. This is interesting in itself, as well as how each battle with Akon can work. Speculatively speaking, a professional wrestling match can be an Ifrit versus a Titan, a shooter can be a long-range call such as Garuda versus Shiva, and the entire battlefield can be a Shiva versus Titan battle shown in the first trailer, or even Odin versus Odin. , Bahamut.

It will be interesting to learn more about these battles with Akon and Final Fantasy 16 in general. At the moment, fans know that the next trailer is due to be released sometime this fall, and this information is enough to support fans until then.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released in the summer of 2023 on PS5.