The problems Aislinn Derbez faced because of social media


Aislinn Derbez currently leads a very spiritual and relaxed life, however there was a time in her life that was not always like this because she faced anxiety problems that unbalanced her mentally triggered by social networks. A year ago, she opened with her followers through her Instagram account and if you were unaware of this episode of her life, here we tell you.

Eugenio Derbez’s daughter confessed that social networks came to affect her emotionally because she considered that they were a space where only embellished reality was shown, which made her feel great sadness. Even in a publication where she appeared with her daughter and her then-husband, Mauricio Ochmann, she revealed that she attended therapy to feel better about herself.

“How easy we let ourselves be shielded by photos, how is it… Thinking that other people’s lives are perfect and ours is not… It seems important to me from time to time to talk about the real and not just stay in utopia (not to say false) of these social networks, “he wrote. Here she already showed that things between her and Ochmann were not going so well, which seemed to predict her recent divorce at the beginning of the year.

Aislinn said that with the therapies she could calm down and feel good. She also warned her followers not to waste the present by thinking about what will happen because the important thing is to live every moment of the moment.

The truth is that to this day the Mexican has shown that she is handling her divorce very well because both she and her ex are very mature in this regard. Although love has not knocked on her door again, she is very happy with her life and in her podcast she has shared each experience with her fans.


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