The Problem of Hyunjin’s Harassment From Stray Kids Comes to The Surface Amid The Popularity of “The Glory”


[Trigger/Content Warning: Bullying, Violence at School]

The controversy of bullying Stray Kids Hyunjin resurfaced against the background of the popularity of the Korean drama “Glory”, which touched on the themes of school violence. That’s what people say.

The problem of harassment of Hyunjin Stray Kids in 2021 resurfaces against the background of the popularity of “The Glory”

On January 5, netizens recalled the problem of bullying Hyunjin.

As for their statements, Netflix recently introduced a new Korean drama called “Glory.”

The series tells the story of a high school student (actress Song Hye Kyo) who became a victim of bullying and school violence. Due to the impact of bullying, the main character dropped out of school and planned to take revenge on his tormentors.

With the trigger theme revealed in the series, netizens shared their thoughts online, recalling the controversy about the bullying of Hyunjin.

Netizens expressed their annoyance at Hyunjin, and also linked the show to his previous bullying problem.:

“Wow, the shields are fucking awesome. I envy his life, he gets shields even after he committed violence at school. He wasn’t even kicked out, and he has a bunch of female fans.”

“All violence at school is violence at school. Who are you to judge whether there was something at the level of school violence or not?

“Even after watching Glory, Hyunjin’s fans are still defending him. I hope that your child will be bullied as the main character of this drama.”

“Leave already. I even hate watching Stray Kids.”

Hyunjin Stray Kids Accused of Bullying at School, JYPE Publishes Official Statement

Hyunjin was one of the idols accused of school violence and bullying in February 2021.

In the same month, an anonymous user posted a message on an online forum in which he accused Hyunjin of harassing students in group chats, obscene statements of a sexual nature and offensive comments addressed to other people’s families.

At the time, JYP Entertainment responded to the allegations. They responded to the rumors about the situation with Hyunjin, and also assured that it was necessary to collect all the facts first.

JYPE added that they will also sue those who spread unfounded rumors.

“We intend to find out the facts and will use various methods to conduct a detailed investigation so that nothing is distorted.

We will take legal measures against the spread of rumors. Our agency will do everything possible to uncover the truth, as well as protect our artists.”

Hyunjin Stray Kids Personally Apologizes to Former Classmates After Accusations of Bullying

According to a subsequent statement from JYP Entertainment, Hyunjin Stray Kids personally visited his former classmates to discuss the situation.

The label initially expressed regret for the inconvenience caused by the bad news about their talent.

JYPE continued to get the opinion of classmates, teachers and prosecutor Hyunjin. After collecting all the facts, the charges were still difficult to prove due to fuzzy memories of the events.

The label added to its statement:

“We will do our best to be more careful in the selection process of trainees and artists.”

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