The prices of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 model are listed!


Silenced after the RTX 2000 series, NVIDIA is preparing to introduce its new RTX 3000 series graphics cards soon. Claims about these video cards continue to be made day by day. Now, special cards of NVIDIA RTX 3090 models are listed on a website called Taobao.

How much will the NVIDIA RTX 3090 cost?

The reference models of the RTX 3090s, which are expected to have the strongest and most special features NVIDIA has ever offered to the market, are expected to be $ 1399. The allegations and leaks put forward so far have always been this way. However, special cooled versions of the card can be sold for much higher than $ 1399. We have seen that graphics cards with special cooling and PCB are sold for much higher prices than reference models. Probably the same will happen with the RTX 3000 family.

We see four different RTX 3090 models in the list that emerged in China. Although there are changes in the names of the cards, their images appear as reference models. Presumably, they could be overclocked models of reference models, and so the images contain Picture of reference models as design.

But when we consider these prices listed in China, the Asus ROG 3090 model was CNY 18,999.

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