The prices of games on Steam have increased 10 times! Days of discounts are expected


Steam constantly updates the list of the most popular games. Recently, price increases have begun to occur one after another. Here are the details…

We see an unexpected increase in prices for many products due to the appreciation of the dollar and rising inflation in our country. Including in the world of digital games. Here are the most expensive games on Steam in the last 3 days…

Steam has shared a list of the most popular games!

Steam has been subsidizing the prices of games in Turkey for a long time. For example, we see that while a game sold abroad for $ 60 should be sold for 1,000 TL in our country, on average it sells for 300-400 TL, and the highest is 600 TL.

But this situation is gradually losing its stability. For this reason, unexpectedly high hikes can come to games on the platform. In recent weeks, we have shared lists of the most popular games on Steam.

Over the past 2 months, we have seen that these growth rates have exceeded all expectations. Of course, not every game had exorbitant raises. However, increases of 3 thousand percent have now become the norm. Today there was an increase of up to a thousand percent.

According to the news that appeared the other day, the season of discounts on Steam, which players are waiting for, will begin next month. The autumn sale will be available for the first time from November 23 to November 29. Since this date also coincides with Black Friday, we expect that the biggest drop in prices will occur here.

The next date among the seasonal Steam sales coincides with the Winter Sale, which will take place from December 22 to January 5. This will be close to the release of school report cards in 3 months. But that’s not all.

Finally, from March 16 to March 23, spring discounts are waiting for us. During this period, games that are probably on sale will be sold at today’s price. So there will be some consolation for those who missed 2 big discounts on the purchase of the game.

Games Ratio Old Price New Price
Hate Free Heroes Tactics — MMORPG Strategy +1397% 18.50 ₺ 277.00 ₺
Man from the underground 2 +843% ₺10.50 ₺99.00
Jelly Adventure +655% ₺10.20 ₺77.00
Falling elevator +633% ₺10.50 ₺77.00
Mahjong Puzzle +381% ₺2.10 ₺10.10
Chat with Yu +257% ₺4,20 ₺14,99
Polish +248% ₺11.50 ₺39.99
Spell Frequency +150% 4.20 ₺ 10.50 ₺
Run and hide +85% ₺6,20 ₺11,50
PH0B0S +65% ₺8,20 ₺13,50
Hero not of our time +61% ₺11.50 ₺18.50
Delivery +61% ₺11.50 ₺18.50
Blackshift +51% ₺18.50 ₺28.00
Bright Enterprise +35% ₺18.50 ₺25.00
Yakiosho +32% ₺6,20 ₺8,20
Birthday +22% 9.70 ₺ 11.80 ₺
Halloween +19% 18.50 ₺22.00 ₺
Atomic cards +19% ₺15.50 ₺18.50
ShapeLab — commercial license +18% ₺57.00 ₺67.00
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