The Price Of This Crypto Wallet Starts At 600$


Crypto wallet company Gray has introduced new hardware wallets. The price of wallets starts at $ 600.

nTheew crypto money wallet series named Corazon, which supports more than 1,500 altcoins of Singapore-based Gray, stands out with its images. TechRadar reports that Gray’s new wallets do not provide better security than SatoshiLabs’ Trezor Model T. In this case, the Corazon line may be more suitable for users with visual concerns.

Gray states that cryptocurrency wallets made of aluminum used in aviation are shock-resistant and durable.

Model prices vary

The lowest priced wallets of the Corazon series are aluminum plated ones. The price of aluminum wallets with red, blue, purple and black color options is $ 600. Prices are higher in the series, which also includes titanium-plated models. Available in color options such as black, rose gold and gold, the price of titanium wallets varies between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000.

The Trezor Model T costs 159 euros ($ 193).

Corazon series features

Wallets offer support for more than a thousand cryptocurrencies and have the ability to store the passwords of digital accounts. For models produced with open source code, users can search for vulnerabilities or suggest improvements for products. There is a backup code system consisting of 12 words in wallets. With this code, all assets in the wallet can be backed up.

It is also stated that the material from which the wallets are made is high-grade aluminum and titanium and thus the products are very light. Charlie Shrem, a founding member and entrepreneur of the Bitcoin Foundation, shared a video for Gray’s Corazon model wallet. He stated that when he opened the box of the wallet, the product looked great and the feeling in the hand was very good. Measuring its weight, Shrem showed that the Corazon wallet was 65 grams.