The prequel’s biggest problem with the original series


In an effort to continue to build on its popularity, the network began positioning its Young Sheldon prequel series as a replacement, but it’s true that not all fans of The Big Bang Theory are convinced of it.

It’s not enough to make a strong connection between The Big Bang Theory and the Young Sheldon prequel series, especially during the previous season of the latter, which didn’t really go a long way to tie the shows together.

The portrayal of Mr. George, who was always portrayed as a bad father, but whose portrayal in the Young Sheldon prequel show is a clear example of the biggest problems so far that does not match the original series.

There was a clear understanding of what he was like as a father; the theoretical physicist had little to no good things to say about his father, culminating in the story of him catching him cheating on his mother, different actions in Young Sheldon.

While there may be a turning point for George down the road that would confirm Sheldon’s description of him in The Big Bang Theory, the longer it takes to happen, the more complicated it will be in Young Sheldon.

According to Young Sheldon’s timeline, George’s cheating takes place in the next two years at most since Cooper supposedly died when he was 13 years old.

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