The prequel comic Gotham Knights suggests a conflict between Batman and Nightwing


For reasons related to both gameplay and narrative coherence, it is clear that while tensions between the characters are building naturally, the interaction between the main characters of Gotham Knights will be beneficial. Fans have already seen on tiptoe the connection between Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, and a new look confirmed Dick’s former romantic relationship with Barbara Gordon.

Since fans will be able to play as any dynamic duo they want at any moment of Gotham Knights’ eccentric co-op design, these relationships will presumably be settled with as little rivalry or discord as possible so that it makes sense for the narrative. But perhaps this was not the case in the past of these characters. On the cover of the second issue of the Gotham Knights prequel comic, Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City, Batman and Nightwing are fighting.

It’s currently unknown why Batman and Nightwing are apparently involved in a legitimate fight in the Gotham Knights prequel comic, but it does draw some interesting conclusions regarding the relationship they had before Bruce Wayne’s death. Based on what fans have heard and seen about each main character’s relationship with Bruce, there was no hint of hostility between them and their guardian or mentor figure. Dick is seen talking about not knowing how to live up to Batman’s reputation in Gotham, but not about any discontent or hatred he harbored for Bruce.

If there really was an incident or conversation between them that caused a disagreement between them, it must have been quite significant to lead to a physical altercation in suits. Interestingly, Nightwing from Gotham Knights is depicted on the cover of the prequel comic as the one who offensively slashes Batman in an alley with his escrima sticks. This suggests that Nightwing had enough reasons to attack Batman himself.

“Batman: Knights of Gotham — The Gilded City” may not be a must-read for fans to understand the events of “Knights of Gotham,” but it will be invaluable for fans who want to learn a little more about his characters and what their relationship with Batman was like. to his supposed death. With the unveiling of the cover of the second issue, fans will also find out why Nightwing and Batman had some consequences in the form of a physical fight.

Each issue of the Gotham Knights prequel comic will have a corresponding in-game reward, which players can receive using the code specified in the physical book. Initially, it was assumed that the first issue of the prequel comic book would be released on the same day as Gotham Knights, and it is unknown whether the release of the prequel comic book was postponed to the previous Friday, as it recently happened with the game.

Gotham Knights will be released on October 21 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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