The Premieres Of New Series And films Disney + November 2021: Hawkeye, Shang-Chi


Disney +: After an October focused on Halloween, Disney + is ready to burst audiences with its November catalog, which contains some of its heavyweights of the year and also highly anticipated releases. Let’s review them all, because the Disney + premieres for November are loaded.

We started with the beast, with the premiere for all the subscribers of Shang-Chi and the legend of the 10 rings, the second of the 3 Marvel UCM of this 2021 -after Black Widow and just before The Eternals-, an absolute joy Wuxia mixed with the Marvelian DNA that presents us with a film of adventures and martial arts fights in a movie of those to enjoy a lot.

And we continue, because that same day -telite on November 12- we have the open premiere of Jungle Cruise, one of those titles that Disney had delayed due to the pandemic and that is an adventure film in the purest and most classic sense of the term. , with The Rock and Emily Blunt entering the heart of the Amazon. And finally at home alone, the remake – or pseudo sequel – of the quintessential Christmas icon that is Home alone.

But there is more, because in November the exclusive series of Hawkeye also arrives, which after Loki and Wandavision there is a lot of desire to see it, especially because of the unexpected ‘Die Hard’ tone and that Jeremy Renner caught in the middle of a conspiracy that promises to ruin the perfect Christmas you wanted to spend with your family.

He also promises Dopesick, a series based on how a single company, Big Pharma, sparked the worst drug epidemic in American history. And if anyone needed more, The Beatles: Get Back, a documentary about the Beatles directed by none other than Peter Jackson, the director of The Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and Heavenly Creatures.


3 november
Premise – Season 1
The Head – Season 1)
Owl House – Season 1
Thousands of the Future – Seasons 1-2
Bia – Season 1-2
November 10
The Time Between Seams – Complete Series
Legion – Seasons 1-3
White Glove Thief – Seasons 1-6
Coop and Cami – Season 2
November 12
Intertwined – Season 1
Dopesick: story of an addiction
17 november
Marvel: Hit-Monkey
The Simpsons – Season 33
The Orville – Seasons 1-2
Sydney and Max – Season 1
A teacher – Season 1
24 november
Hawkeye – Season 1
Season 19 – Season 5
Star – Seasons 1-3
Criminal Minds: Without Borders – Complete Series


5 november
3 meters above the sky
The unknown
Home alone 4
Home alone 5
November 12
Shang-Chi and the legend of the 10 Rings
Finally alone at home
Jungle Cruise in open
19 november
The longest journey
The battle of the sexes
26 november
One hundred years of forgiveness
The great Spanish family
Terminator: Dark Fate
Hitman: Agent 47


3 november
Big Cats: The Feline Family – Season 1
Lion Ranger – Season 1
Heroes of Alaska – Season 1
Car SOS – Season 8
Drain the Oceans – Season 3
Wild Scandinavia – Season 1
5 november
November 12
Olaf presents – Short film
Ciao Alberto – Short film
Short The Simpsons – Short Film
The World According to Jeff Goldblum – Season 2
Boba Fett Special – Special
UCM Special – Special
19 november
Sobibor: The Great Escape. Nat Geo – Documentary
Water and Power: The California Water Drama – Documentary
24 november
The David Chloe Show- Documentary Series
The 80s Greatest – Documentary
The 90s Greatest – Documentary
Predators Fail Too – Season 1
November 25
The Beatles: Get Back
26 november
The Muppets at Christmas: Letters to Santa Claus – Special.