The Predator costume in “Prey” created insane physical challenges that Dane Dilegro, a partner in the film, struggled to overcome


Predator fans seem pleasantly surprised by the latest chapter of the ongoing Prey saga, which came out on Hulu last weekend. Critics have been delighted with the “Loot” since it began showing at Comic-Con in San Diego, while several reviewers particularly noted director Dan Trachtenberg’s fresh approach to such time-tested material and even more admired the leading game of Amber Midtander. The action of Prey in the era of the Comanche Indians means that the film had to find new ways of primitive weapons to potentially eliminate the extraterrestrial threat. But if you listen to the “Predator” actor Dane Dilegro, the costume he wore on set would make it easy to defeat the Predator because he didn’t see or hear anything in his costume.

The Prey actors looked into an interview with CinemaBlend at Comic-Con in San Diego and talked about the filming process of Dan Trachtenberg’s film before it hits Hulu. And when it came time for Dane Dilegro to take stock of his experience on set, he basically said he couldn’t wait to see the movie because he saw almost nothing on set thanks to his Predator costume. Before the actor could weigh in, his director started raving about the process, explaining:

The innovation for this film is because we wanted the head to be much more proportional to the body and not seem so heavy and so “costumed” that there was no need to stuff the face with all animatronics when we put the head. over Dan’s head. Therefore, when the Predator’s face looks forward, Dane looks at the ground. So, all these fighting scenes… every time you see a Predator moving and it looks normal, it’s like Dane is flying blind.

That is, literally blind. There were slots in the suit that Dane Dilegro could look through, but the mechanics of maneuvering inside this incredible suit meant that he had to learn how to navigate his scenes without looking up. Or, according to the tall actor, he hears something other than animatronics on his face. As he said CinemaBlend:

I didn’t hear anything because they put a God microphone in my ear so I could hear Rich (Cowan) telling me. But Dave turned on the animatronics, and I heard “Bzzzzzz” (with) my whole head buzzing. Because everything is there — all the lower jaws, eyebrows and eyes are moving. …The only thing I could see was the lower part of the jaw, when I roared, it opened. Then my vision decreased, and then returned. But other than that, no, I was… I mean, I was looking through those two neck slits all the time, and, uh, thank God to Rich Cowan, who got me through this, essentially putting sticks on the ground.

That’s how they helped Dane Dilegro choreograph his movements as a Predator in “Prey.” They put sticks on the ground to mark his steps, and he looked down at the floor to know where to go. What’s crazy is if you go back and watch Dan Trachtenberg’s action scenes, in which the cast goes through, including Predator as he fights the Amber Midtander warrior, Naru. You can see a lot of this in the trailers that have been released. However, just get a chance to play a Predator-motivated Dilegro, as he told us:

There were definitely some interesting and exciting challenges associated with the physical side of wearing this suit, with the head and everything else. But when you’re under the rubber, you look down and you see his 15, you know, 16 packs and these dreadlocks, man… And every time we smeared dreadlocks with slime. And you have the first AD, Rich (Cowan), he’s counting down and I’m getting into it. And I just see dreadlocks hanging there and hear animatics turn on. I’m like, “Dude, it’s time to play. It’s real.’

Looks like it was worth it. The audience praised the film, thanks in no small part to the Midthunder game. She told us about the moment when she found out that she got the role at the audition, and told us even more about her process in an interview with Comic-Con in our issue. “Loot” is indeed one of the best Hulu movies available at the moment, but if you don’t have a streaming service and want to go to the cinema instead, check out our list of 2022 theatrical movie releases and plan your trip right now.


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