The Pre-Debut Photos of The Famous Idol Remind People of Kim Yoo Jung — Who Is She?


This popular female idol has attracted the attention of K-pop fans and netizens with her pre-debut photos showing her appearance.

Red Velvet Joy drew attention to Kim Yoo Jung’s pre-debut photos

Recently, idol attracted the attention of fans with her photos before her debut — and this is none other than Joy from Red Velvet!

Recently, past photos of the star were made public, which attracted people’s attention. In the photos, Joy showed her cute features, including her trademark smile and lips, as well as beautiful uneven eyes.

The photos she shared were taken when she was a child before adolescence, and compared to her current appearance at the age of about 20, fans and netizens confirmed that Joy is really beautiful by nature. Despite the fact that she lost a little weight and her plump cheeks appeared after her debut in Red Velvet, her facial features have not changed, including her young and bright image, which was very popular with the public.

Some Internet users then said that Joy’s photos reminded them of Kim Yoo Jung, a popular actress who is three years younger than her. Although Joy is older, Yoo Jung is older than her in the acting industry, as the latter first debuted in 2003 as a child actress.

So, when Joy debuted in 2014, she was known for her resemblance to the actress, as can be seen in these photos.

Meanwhile, as photos of Joy circulated when she was a student, her school years were also being reviewed.

According to her alma mater’s testimonies posted on social media, Joy had excellent grades and maintained good friendships with her friendly nature.

Anonymous Internet users responded:

  • “Suyoung (Joy’s birth name) was a high school student at our club before transferring to the Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA), and she was very sweet.”
  • “Suyoung stood out among the kids in the cafeteria.
  • ” “She was pretty and she had a good personality since she was young.”

Contrary to her clean image and McNee atmosphere, Joy was competitive since she was a student and even participated in a sports day and participated in a relay race.

Internet users have left comments such as:

  • “Sweet joy.”
  • “Really bright.”
  • “It’s the same as now.”

Despite the fact that Red Velvet discarded experimental concepts — from sexy, girl—in-love, fashionable to pure, innocent, bright, etc. – since their debut, fans and netizens have emphasized that these photos are priceless because they show a pure and clear Joy. smile like an ordinary student before her debut.

Red Velvet Joy Latest Action

On the other hand, Joy, who debuted as Red Velvet in 2014 under the auspices of SM Entertainment, continues her journey as both an idol and an actress.

Last November, Red Velvet just completed the event “The ReVe Festival 2022 — Birthday”. Since then, she has been actively communicating with fans via Instagram.

Her latest dramatic work “Once upon a Time in a Small Town” was also filmed in September 2022, where she played the role of Ahn Ja-yeon, a policeman working in her hometown, Hidong Village.


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