The Practice of Dominating Let’s Adams: The reaction of the NFL world


Adding to the Raiders’ offseason, Davante Adams hopes to prove that all the pros weren’t just Aaron Rodgers.

According to Patriots screenwriter Ivan Lazar, Adams pretends that everything is easy at a joint training session in Vegas on Tuesday.

On Twitter: “Davante Adams is absolutely ridiculous. He just effortlessly caught the ball with one hand, keeping his feet within the field for a TD. An incredible player.”

The NFL world reacted to the big Let’s play on social media.

“Is this real life?” The Raiders fan asked.

“Did the NFL really think Adams and Carr wouldn’t be the best duo in football?” another laughed.

“Josh came out and got WR #1 the minute he left the Pats, you know. While our No. 1 is Jacobi Meyers, lololol.”

“The AFC is over,” said an Adams fan.

“The best WR in the league.”

“Jarvis did it with all due respect,” the Saints fan replied.

Looks like we’re in business today.


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