The power of Xbox Series S will last the entire generation


Tommy Refenes defends Microsoft’s most economical model for the current generation of consoles, which has reduced features.

Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s entry-level range for the present generation of consoles. Tommy Refenes, co-creator of Super Meat Boy, does not believe it will be an impediment or drag on the North American firm in the long term. If Xbox Series X is presented as the flagship with the maximum benefits, this other model offers for 299 euros (instead of 499 euros) a cheaper solution in exchange for dispensing with the disc reader, 4K resolution and a little less power gross or RAM.

Its existence has been called into question on several occasions within the industry, although there are voices that trust the performance of the machine throughout the generation. In words for Gaming Bolt, Refenes believes that the long-term differences will not be too great and that, therefore, the characteristics of Xbox Series S are sufficient for a cycle of five to even eight years.

When asked if the Xbox Series S will hold up against the most graphically powerful video games of the next few years: “Yes, I think it will,” he says. Although it is possible that some shadows or puddles may look worse over time, “in general having a game running at 1440p at 60FPS is really good. Differences could be marked in 5 or 8 years, but I imagine that by then even Xbox Series X and PS5 will approach the end of their life cycle if they have not been eclipsed by their respective improved versions ”, as happened with PS4 and Xbox One, which after three to four years received its intergenerational top model, Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S, main differences

From MeriStation we published a comparison between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S once we knew the specifications of both machines. Broadly speaking, the differences – aside from aesthetics, where one is ostensibly larger in dimensions than the other – more notable come from the hand of the GPU, with 12 TFLOPS for the first and 4 TFLOPS for the second, cutting in resolution, which stays at 1440p in Xbxo Series S, or the internal memory, which instead of 1 TB is 512 GB.

Also, the RAM memory goes from 16 GB to 10 GB, while the speed of the CPU is slightly lower. Finally, the disc player: Xbox Series S only supports the digital format. All that translates into a difference of 200 euros. It is up to each one to choose which one best suits himself; for our part, after using it for several months, we are really satisfied with the overall performance.


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