The power of the Hulk and Thor Proves that Iron Man is Not on the Same Level


Warning! Spoilers for Thor # 26 from Marvel Comics

In his latest slugfest with Thor and the Hulk, Iron Man proved once again that he is not in the same league or at the same level of strength as his fellow Avengers. Tony Stark joined the battle between Thor and the Hulk in Marvel Comics’ ongoing Banner of War crossover, however, after both heroes were destroyed and watching their powers evolve, Iron Man can’t help but seem out of place in the juggernaut. Fighting.

In the current Thor and Hulk crossover, The Banner of War, Marvel Comics battles two of its most powerful Avengers in a competition to determine the strongest hero in the universe. However, things got more complicated when Iron Man interfered with the Thunder God’s mission to bring the Hulk to justice for a deadly incident on Earth. Armed with his newly created Heavenly Hulkbuster, Tony Stark quickly showed that he is not on the same level as his fellow heroes, even with his most durable armor.

In Thor #26 by Donnie Cates, Martin Coccolo, Matt Wilson, and Joe Sabino of Marvel Comics’ VC, Iron Man can only watch as Thor becomes his own Hulk after a powerful gamma explosion during his battle with the Jade Giant. Iron Man sends his most durable armor, the Heavenly Hulkbuster, after the new combo hero, but the God of Gamma easily tears up the massive suit. Lady Sif teleports Iron Man out of the battle as it becomes apparent that he is not going to stop it.

Although it is somewhat unfair to compare Iron Man’s strength levels with the strength and fury of the Hulk and Thor’s thunderous divine powers, his intervention in the battle showed that the hero is far from the same level of strength as the two mighty beings. Even armed with his heavenly Hulkbuster armor, Tony Stark’s most incredible creation was quickly destroyed. Iron Man always faces an uphill battle to win, no matter what he throws at the Hulk and Thor. As the Hulk becomes the new Thor, Iron Man remaining in combat would probably have resulted in his death. Fortunately, Lady Sif teleported him out of the battle before it was too late.

Iron Man is a genius whose creations have repeatedly helped the Avengers win seemingly impossible battles. But compared to the completely liberated Hulk and Thor, he showed that he had no place in the same conversation as the heroes, even with the Heavenly Hulkbuster. This is not a blow to Iron Man, but rather the reality of the incredible power levels of the super-strong Hulk and Thor. Thor #26 from Marvel Comics is already in stores.