The power of One Underrated Xbox Game Pass will be proven on September 22 and 27


Slime Rancher 2 is released on Xbox Game Pass on September 22 in an early access state, and on September 27, the full version of Grounded will be available to play on Xbox Game Pass. To be honest, Grounded can already be played on the service, but without this major update. Indeed, Grounded has greatly benefited from the inclusion of Xbox Game Pass throughout the early access period, and the upcoming update is proof of that.

Subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass bring many benefits to games. The Epic Games Store is a great service for covering independent games, and the Xbox Game Pass also gives many indie games something they might not otherwise get. Multiplayer games of any type are buffered on these services as it provides an even wider community, especially on the first day of release. However, although there are games with early access in the Xbox Game Pass, the service and fans should double these inclusions.

Xbox Game Pass Needs More Early Access Games

Early access is nothing new in the industry, although too often fans have used it as a pejorative instead of games that were not completed at launch (or at least seem to be). This is not entirely fair to early access games that go through this unnecessary phase, and instead it should be fine. Players with early access can express a wish that is more likely to be taken into account, corrected or changed after the release of the full version of the game. Early access games usually have their own audience, but instead many may want to wait for an early release. There’s no doubt this will continue in the future, but the good news is that Xbox Game Pass does the same for early access games as it does for indie games and multiplayer games.

Early access titles are harder to see because of the caveats associated with them, but Xbox Game Pass itself is essentially marketing its titles. Just like in any indie game. At the same time, it provides an instant audience, just like for multiplayer games on Xbox Game Pass. These games benefit from this approach, and although Slime Rancher is already a popular game, Slime Rancher 2, which came into early access and became available to play on Game Pass, is a perfect example of why these games belong to the service. This will attract attention, reviews and much more within the framework of this service.

Indeed, the timing is well chosen, since Grounded is coming out in full version 1.0 on September 27. What fans see here is proof of concept: one game remains in Game Pass, but enters this new stage, and the other comes out at the very beginning of this line. Grounding has grown tremendously since it went into early access, and has supported every step thanks to the Game Pass. Slime Rancher 2 on Xbox Game Pass will no doubt have the same experience, and hopefully, although there are other early access games on the service, Microsoft and gamers won’t sleep on them much longer just because they have “Early Access”. ”

Xbox Game Pass subscribers receive several games monthly.


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