The popular Russian platform has been removed from the Apple Store!


Apple is imposing very strong sanctions against Russia. The tech giant has finally taken the VKontakte platform to its goal

The military situation between Russia and Ukraine is undoubtedly the scene of very disturbing events for humanity. On the other hand, the whole world uses the embargo to show its reaction against Russia. Tech giant Apple is one of them.

Apple has removed the Russian platform VKontakte (VK) from the App Store

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Since then, he has been subjected to a lot of sanctions in the field of technology. On the other hand, Russian technology companies continue to suffer from military actions. The well-known Russian platform VKontakte (VK) like Facebook has been removed from the Apple Store.

Apple left Russia in the first months of the war. Continuing its tough stance against Russia, the tech giant removed from its store not only the VKontakte platform, but also the company’s programs , VK Music and Youla. Checking for LLC “VK Company”. It came from the company.

Now some VKontakte apps are blocked by Apple, so they cannot be downloaded and updated in the App Store. The VKontakte app will continue to work on Apple devices. The most important thing is that VKontakte applications pre-installed on smartphones continue to work.

On the other hand, Russia is not idle against Apple. At the end of July, the largest Russian telecommunications company Rostelecom carried out an attack on Apple. Managed to shuffle Apple services in about 12 hours. A Russian company that has been redirecting Apple customers through its own servers for two days has disrupted Apple’s network traffic.


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