The popular currency of the draw continues controversial advertising campaigns!


Floki Inu, a competitor to the leading prank currency Dogecoin, has launched an “aggressive” marketing campaign in London, placing ads at city train stations and famous red buses.

Floki Inu announced his new campaign in a blog, stating that from Monday, April 23, the “people’s cryptocurrency” will begin to be advertised on more than 100 buses and on 203 banners at metro stations in the city.

Floki Inu (FLOKI) continues advertising campaigns

This new advertising campaign, launched for the popular Floki Inu lottery currency, follows a similar marketing hack that caused confusion in late 2021, when London councillor Sian Berry tried to ban all cryptocurrency advertising on the city’s rail and bus networks.

Did you miss “DOGE” in the latest Floki Inu ad campaign? The slogan “Take Floki” attracted everyone’s attention. So much so that after this advertisement, Berry posted a tweet in which she compared cryptocurrencies to gambling, saying that public services should not advertise “risky” plans.

In addition, the FLOKI campaign attracted such negative attention that the UK Advertising and Standards Authority (ASA) intervened, and in the decision of March 2, consumer fears of losses were used, which simplified investment in cryptocurrency and took advantage of consumer inexperience. was banned.

The FLOKI team is not backing down

However, Floki marketing director Inu Saber stressed in a statement that the team is not going to back down, despite the fact that regulators are blocking this advertisement.

Saber made the following statements in his statements;

In a sense, this second London campaign is a big victory for Floki and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, as our team is fighting for the right to publicize our groundbreaking project.

Some asked us to be banned immediately, and the anti-cryptocurrency program continues to exert pressure through slanderous campaigns and disinformation. But the Floki team will always be with us, no matter what.

In addition, earlier this January, the ASA continued a series of bans on advertising cryptocurrency companies in the UK. The regulator banned two ads on , advertising the convenience of buying bitcoins and receiving a return reward, since they do not indicate the risk of investment.

In addition, in mid-December 2021, six crypto firms faced a ban on advertising by the ASA for “taking advantage of consumer inexperience”, as well as for failing to demonstrate the risk of investing in cryptocurrency.