The Pokemon table represents the pedigree of duck Pokemon


In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, one piece of dialogue potentially explains something interesting about the various Pikachu clones. Almost every region adds a new version of this kind of Pokemon, and it seems that Arseus assumes that they all descended from one ancient Pokemon. This idea of ancient and possibly future Pokemon is important because it touches on the themes of time travel Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but it also has great significance for various types of Pokemon.

One fan known as alex_fantastico on Reddit, also known as Zokai, has essentially taken this concept and is sticking with it. At the moment, they have created diagrams tracing the origin of Pokemon to an imaginary unique creature with various traits for Pokemon dogs, Pokemon penguins, Pokemon foxes and so on. Their latest diagram now looks at the potential origin of duck Pokemon.

Redditor suggests that the oldest ancestor was named Wildbill, a Pokemon with a build closer to Ducklett, but with the color Farfetch’d. From there, Wildbill turns into one of the three ancestral Pokemon: Rudakiless (the yellow version of Wildbill and the game with the word ridiculous), Nirfetchd (which approaches Farfetchd minus the leak) and Uiblet, which has minor changes. coordination with Ducklett.

Duck Pokemon Pedigree from Pokemon

From there, Rudakiless will eventually involve the 1st generation Pokemon Psyduck. The naming scheme here is first-class: from Ruuckiless to Watheduck, Ohduck, Whyduck and Psyduck. His body expands and loses fur at different stages of evolution. Meanwhile, Nearfetch’d detects a leak and becomes Ancient Farfetch’d, which is essentially identical to Farfetch’d. However, Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Farfetch’d evolves from this branch, becoming darker in color and getting larger leaks.

The third branch of the Wildbill, the Oublet, turns into a Blue Oublet at the next stage, and then splits into two paths: one of which becomes the starting Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Quaxley, and the other becomes Ducklett. Over time, their body shapes and color schemes change to match their modern forms.

It’s unlikely that the official Pokemon company will ever expand its evolution history with such changes, at least in such detail, but it’s an interesting concept. Fans may even feel it, given the ancient/future forms and convergent species rumored to be present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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