The Pokemon GO Team Rocket Special Research Bug Allows Players to Defeat Giovanni Without “Finding” Him

Pokemon GO’s July fighting weekend gives players the opportunity to find and defeat several Team GO Rocket leaders and team head Giovanni. This gives Pokemon GO players a chance to catch rare shadow Pokemon, including Shadow Latios.
Niantic has released a Pokemon GO Battle Weekend event to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the game. During this event, players could participate in several different activities, but the main goal for many was to hunt for Team GO Rocket battles to find rare Shadow Pokemon to strengthen their teams.
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Usually, in order to find Giovanni and fight him, players first need to complete special research tasks of Team GO Rocket. These include things like defeating infantrymen and Team GO Rocket leaders. After completing these tasks, players are rewarded with a super-rocket radar that shows the potential location of Giovanni. After the Super Rocket Radar is used, the locations of the bait or the actual location of Giovanni will be indicated in the PokeStop, but players must check each PokeStop to see if it is a bait or not. A bug discovered by Reddit user Htb323 allowed them to fight Giovanni, leaving the task of “Finding Team GO Rocket Boss” unfulfilled.
Defeat Giovanni without finding him! from TheSilphRoad
While it may seem useful to bypass the lengthy process of sifting through false grunt after false grunt in order to find and defeat Giovanni, this is actually a problem. Leaving this task unfinished means that players cannot complete their research task and reap the rewards, and the only way to find the boss is to use super rocket radar. Therefore, if a player used his last Super Rocket Radar and encountered this error, his only option was to contact Niantic support or hope that he could find another Super Rocket Radar through some other event.
While this is just one of several bugs in Pokemon GO, considering how much it can throw off players trying to complete their research tasks, it becomes a big problem. Apparently, this is also not a new error, since Reddit users ApioMan and WiselyAltruistic wrote about the same error a year and two years ago, respectively. Thankfully, Niantic’s support team seems ready to respond, fixing the research task manually and saving players from having to burn more Super Rocket radars to legally find Giovanni.
Some players might like to use this bug to get Giovanni without wasting time sniffing out baits. However, most will probably strive to complete their research tasks and receive a full list of awards without encountering this. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed the next time Giovanni shows his face in the Pokemon GO world, but if that’s not the case, players can always contact Niantic support to fix it.
Pokemon GO is now available on mobile devices.