The plot to be covered during this premiere

Anupam Kher (Vijay Kapoor), Ryan Eggold (Max Goodwin)

NBC is scheduled to release the long-awaited season 3 of the medical series New Amsterdam on March 2, after the long hiatus that has kept fans in a state of anxiety.

Let us remember that the production of the new season of New Amsterdam stopped in March of last year as a result of the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the crew and cast returned to the filming set complying with strict safety and prevention regulations against any risk of contagion, in order to shoot the scenes for the new episodes that will be released from next month.

For New Amsterdam doctors, the world also changed with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, and that will be shown during the narration of the plot in the premiere of the third season of the drama.

With the first episode, New Amsterdam fans will be able to see Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) dealing with patients and the rest of the hospital team as they face the pandemic with scarce resources.

New Amsterdam, is another medical drama that will show the current reality that the world lives. The next few episodes are also expected to address the “almost combustible kiss” between Goodwin and Sharpe to add some romance.

According to the New Amsterdam showrunner, the consequences of the kiss were planned for the end of the previous season, but the pandemic did not allow it. This is what David Schulner told TV Insider in April 2020:

“It was a big part of the [planned] ending, everything was going to come to light and we were going to have a great time coming to Jesus among them. That will happen eventually.”

From a potential love triangle to the incorporation of real life events, there are many things the NBC drama needs to address when it returns in early March. According to NBC, the New Amsterdam season 3 logline is as follows:

“Max and his team are faced with the daunting task of staying optimistic as they grapple with a pandemic that exposed the huge inequalities in our healthcare. Max is no longer content with fixing a broken system. He’s determined to tear it down and build something better. “



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