The player in Elven Ring almost passed Tough Dungeon, but it all ended in disaster


There are many dungeons to explore in Elden Ring, and they all vary in difficulty, although the difficulty is usually comparable to the area in which the dungeon is located. Considering that the catacombs at the top of Giant Mountain are in one of the last places of the game, it is not surprising that it is difficult to pass through them, although one Elden Ring player had a particularly hard time.

What makes this Elden Ring dungeon so challenging is the fact that players have to deal not only with pesky imps usually found underground, but also with some funerary watchdogs. These enemies usually serve as bosses at the end of the dungeons, so the fact that they serve as regular obstacles in these catacombs can make it harder to get through this area. Unfortunately, they turned out to be too difficult for the Reddit user soyunrobot, as the Reddit user found himself stuck in the Catacombs at the top of the Mountain of Giants “for too long.”

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In the end, a Reddit user resorted to the powerful Elden Ring Comet Azur sorcery, a spell that many used to get through difficult sections. As shown in the clip, this new approach seems to work for soyunrobot. After hitting an approaching Watchdog with several ordinary comets, the player retreats and replenishes his FP. Taking advantage of the opportunity to cause real damage, the Reddit user switched to Comet Azur and began charging a blue beam of light. However, this decision proved fatal.

I’ve been stuck in this catacomb for too long and resorted to the Azhure comet to complete it. I almost broke my controller after that. from Eldenring

While the beam lands and destroys the Burial Watchdog’s health bar, it also has an unpleasant side effect. When the beam passed through the bodies of the enemies it hit, it raised an ice pillar that was behind the Watchdog. Unfortunately, Soyunrobot didn’t know about this, so they ran forward, believing that the fight was over. Of course, the ice pillar activates, and although the Elden Ring player tries to roll away, he is killed before he can get out of the trap.

Destructive clips have often proven themselves well on the Elden Ring subreddit, so it’s no surprise that this video received over 2,200 votes. In the comments, many players consoled the redditor and agreed that this dungeon was a pain, causing the unpredictable movement of Burial Watchdogs. Others gave advice, for example, Siggs84. According to this commenter, the Reddit user should lure the Watchdog in front of the ice pillar before using one of the Elden Ring shackles to activate the pillar from a distance, allowing the trap to destroy the enemy. However, considering how the trap ruined their best run, Soyunrobot might not want to activate it again.

Everyone who has played the FromSoftware game has probably experienced some kind of tragic death. However, there is nothing worse than causing your own death, so the disappointment of the soyunrobots is quite understandable.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.