The plan after WrestleMania was for Roman Raines to be on Raw and SmackDown.


Roman Raines has not defended the WWE unified titles at Raw, SmackDown, or premium live events since winning them at WrestleMania 38, and a recent report indicates that this may not have always been the plan. WWE was always going to do everything possible to make Raines feel important after defeating Brock Lesnar. Not involving him in any one-on-one matches in three consecutive premium live tournaments— provided that he did not participate in the “Money in the Bank” card, as expected — was too much in the eyes of some.

Raines’ confrontation against Lesnar on Show of Shows and the use of both titles was supposed to make WrestleMania 38 feel bigger than life. The atmosphere of a big fight reigned in the fight, and even if the match itself failed to some extent, The Tribal Cheif, in fact, received the keys to both Raw and SmackDown along with the victory. It just seems like he should have been on TV more often than he was.

In a recent tweet, @WrestleVotes wrote the following: “According to the source, the creative decision to combine [sic] titles was made with the understanding that this would allow Roman Raines to appear on BOTH shows more regularly.” The account then added, “… maybe it wasn’t the best decision.”

It is always better to treat such things with distrust. Without knowing who the source is and what the track record of that source is, it could be anyone trying to make fans think or feel a certain way. In the end, there are always plans to consider. Nevertheless, this note has a lot of advantages. After WrestleMania, fans wondered why Reigns didn’t appear more often. After Raines signed a new, updated contract, it became clear that he would be less likely to give small home shows and the like, but it was believed that he would still appear on Raw, SmackDown and at least some of them. Premium live events. It wasn’t like that at all.

Raines worked with Backlash, albeit as a six-person team with Uso. He didn’t fight in Hell In A Cell and doesn’t seem to be in line to perform in Money In The Bank. And he has not defended the combined title on either the red or blue brand since the “Mania”, which was on April 3. In fact, he hasn’t had a singles match on RAW since August 19, 2019, and he hasn’t worked one-on-one on SmackDown since December 3, 2021. That will change when he meets Riddle on June 17, but it’s still a long series without a defense. While no one expected Raines to fight every week live, it seems that at least one person behind the scenes was under the impression that he would be more present at both brands after the titles were combined.