The phone that caught fire on the plane caused panic!


The Galaxy A21 smartphone, owned by South Korea-based technology manufacturer Samsung, caught fire on the plane. Aircraft passengers were evacuated.

Samsung’s Galaxy A21 smartphone caught fire on the plane. On the plane with 128 passengers, the crew opened the evacuation slides due to the situation after landing. The incident took place in the United States. Smoke rose on the Alaska Airlines flight from New Orleans to Seattle on Monday evening. Although the crew tried to extinguish the fumes from the phone, it was not enough. Here are the details of the event…

Galaxy A21 caught fire, 2 passengers injured

Seattle Airport spokesperson Perry Cooper told the Seattle Times. Cooper said in an email: “After a long search, I can say that the phone burned beyond recognition. But during an interview with one of the Seattle Airport Police officers, the passenger said that the phone is a Samsung Galaxy A21. Again, we couldn’t confirm it by looking at the remains of the device.”

Samsung has not yet made a statement on the subject. A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines said the aircrew used fire extinguishers and a battery storage bag to stop the phone from burning. In addition, the spokesperson explained that the passengers were evacuated from the plane via the evacuation slides due to the smoke in the cabin.

During the evacuation, two passengers suffered minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital. 128 passengers and six crew members went to the terminal by bus. A Twitter user who said he was traveling on the same plane described the cabin as “like a smoke machine”.

This event brought to mind the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7. While it is still not forgotten that Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 for fear of battery explosion, it was noteworthy that the Galaxy A21 model had a similar situation.


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