The philosophical ideas of Starfield can distinguish it from other sci-fi games


The release of Starfield in early 2023 is getting closer, and the expectation of new intellectual property from Bethesda Game Studios continues to grow. Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios, claims that this is the first new IP in 25 years, Starfield is Skyrim in space. With a large map, a long history of 30-40 hours and more than 1,000 planets among hundreds of star systems to visit, the game promises to be an impressive achievement.

While Starfield is sure to provide players with plenty of locations to explore, more than enough meat and potatoes fill the game world with bustling activities and adventures to go on. Various factions, governments, corporations, mercenaries and pirates live and breathe among the stars that players will travel through. However, apart from these elements, the scale of Starfield is huge and can set it apart from other sci-fi games. This comes from his philosophical ideas, which the game hopes to question and explore.

Humanity among the stars

Howard has repeatedly mentioned that there will be two “exit” moments in Starfield when the player is faced with awe of the surrounding universe. These moments are related to the exploration that the game aims to provide to players, and they will be important steps in the journey. Howard mentioned that these moments are connected with the idea of humanity as a cosmic being.

This is a critical element of the game and this philosophical thought about what will happen next for humanity as a species. To capture the realism of space and our place in this future, Howard visited SpaceX to physically and aesthetically understand the authenticity of how space, space travel, space stations, exoplanets and colonies may look in the future. To avoid flashy, high-tech wizardry was a key solution to measuring how humanity could thrive at the end of the real cosmos.

Humanity’s Goal in Starfield

Attachment to the idea that humanity is a cosmic species and thrives among the stars is just the tip of the iceberg for Starfield. Recently, composer Inon Zur shared his thoughts about the game. Zur argues that the scale of the game is not only huge, but the story is dark and philosophical, asking lengthy and thought-provoking questions to players who are probably doomed to lose hundreds of hours in the game, playing and looking for answers.

Zur’s comments complement Howard’s information about what it means for humanity as a species and its purpose if space is the next logical frontier for exploration and conquest. Both Howard and Suhr note that the game not only questions this way of thinking, but can also provide answers if players want to find answers. Both men come to the conclusion that part of the player’s actions within the narrative will lead to such discoveries.

Going further, Zur even described the game and its philosophical questions and answers as life-changing. He certainly believes that the conclusions of the game and the impact on these philosophical issues will change the way players think and their view of the universe. Although there were few details of this story, the little-known does point to deeper and more fascinating questions that go beyond the surface level.

Starfield is one of the most anticipated new games of 2023, Bethesda’s first new intellectual property in 25 years. However, the game should be extensive and more extensive than Skyrim, with a long and exciting story that will contain at least two steps forward so that players can plunge into the surrounding wonders of the universe. In addition, the philosophical theme of what it means for humanity to be a cosmic species has only exacerbated the puzzles and research intended for the game.

Starfield will be released in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.


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