The phenomenon that did not believe in the virus died!


There are millions of people fighting the coronavirus. While the number of virus-related deaths is increasing day by day, the number of people who do not take COVID-19 seriously, including the administrators of some states, is not at all. One of them, Dima Stuzhuk, who has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and draws attention with his advanced sports training, was announced to have died due to the coronavirus.

Instagram phenomenon Dima Stuzhuk dies

The phenomenon, which appeared on Instagram with the username stuzhuk_dmitriy, stated that he was caught in the coronavirus with his last post and that his belief in this virus was formed with his capture. Stuzhuk, who died shortly after this post, is a proof that the virus should be taken seriously and that everyone should be very careful. The Instagram phenomenon died, and it is said that it was because he did not take the disease seriously.

Stuzhuk, who drew attention to what he wrote in the description section in the last photo he took on Instagram, wrote that he did not believe that this virus was so destructive until he got coronavirus. Although he did not see many of the symptoms, the phenomenon, which became ill and had to be treated in the hospital, warned his followers “not to underestimate the virus”.

His share in an interesting way Stuzhuk Dima talked about the visit to Turkey, Turkey’s test when ill after returning from the book that he wrote and tested positive. Continuing his sharing with a long explanation, the phenomenon said that the hospital conditions were not good at all, and people floated into the corridors. Stating that he was being treated in a hospital in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, Stuzhuk said that his health facilities were not good at all.

Although Stuzhuk was discharged from the hospital after receiving oxygen therapy, he was re-admitted to the hospital a few hours after his condition began to worsen. Stuzhuk’s ex-wife Sofia announced on Instagram that her ex-husband had died of heart problems due to “problems with his cardiovascular system”.


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