The “perfect” passage of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Andromeda to prepare for ME4


There is no doubt that the BioWare Mass Effect series is loved by fans, and the chance to go through all the games again with the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition was an exciting opportunity. Players could experience all the ups and downs, loyalty missions, awkward dancing and Reaper attacks of the first three Mass Effect games ahead of the release of Mass Effect 4, whenever it happened.

Both in the Mass Effect trilogy and in Mass Effect: Andromeda, gamers are invited to make a choice. Sometimes they are not too significant, but they can have far-reaching consequences that affect subsequent games and determine the fate of different characters. In the binary morality system of the Renegade vs. Paragon franchise, it can be very easy to see the “right” answer, but sometimes the right path is not so clear. All players who want to get the best possible passage in preparation for Mass Effect 4 need to make several key decisions.

Mass effect

There are some options that can seriously affect the plot, but depend more on the player’s preferences than on anything else. The decision to save Ashley or Kayden on Vermire will permanently kill one character, but since the choice is inevitable, according to the canon, one of them must die. However, players must do everything possible for Rex to survive on this planet, either by having a sufficiently high Charm or Intimidation skill, or by completing a side quest of Rex.

Other missions may not seem as significant as the explosive ones on Vermire, but may have longer-lasting consequences. Players must save the colony on Feros and spare Shiala to get an additional quest in Mass Effect 2 and additional support against the Reapers in Mass Effect 3. The Queen and Council during the attack on the Citadel are the best choice. This will help humanity get into the good books of the galaxy, and the Ascension of Fate will also make a huge contribution to the resistance to the Reapers.

Mass Effect 2

A lot of attention in Mass Effect 2 is paid to collecting the best squad before a Suicide mission, which means recruiting everyone and completing their loyalty missions. During the Zaeed: The Price of Revenge mission, players must choose the “You brought this on yourself” dialog option when Zaeed is trapped under the rubble. This recruits him into Shepard’s squad, but also makes him loyal and means he will survive the Citadel: Volus Ambassador mission in Mass Effect 3.

Normandy’s improvements are also vital to perfect passing and mean more people will survive the Suicide Mission. Completing loyalty missions like Miranda’s will not only make the squad stronger in the final assault, but will also allow Miranda to survive in Priority: Horizon in Mass Effect 3. Loyalty missions are full of options, such as the Mordin Old Blood Loyalty Mission, which forces players to decide whether they want to keep Malone’s data or not. Not destroying it may seem questionable from a moral point of view, but keeping it means that Eva will survive at the end of Priority: Tuchanka in Mass Effect 3.

Tali’s loyalty mission is also crucial and may affect the next game. If Shepard persuades the Admiralty Council to clear Tali of treason without presenting evidence against her father, Tali will remain loyal to her, and there will also be a better chance that the decisive conflict between the Geth and the Quarians will be resolved peacefully. But most importantly, players must perfectly complete a Suicide mission. This means having all the ship’s upgrades, choosing the right companions for the right tasks, and entering the Omega-4 repeater once the crew is taken in to make sure they all survive.

Mass Effect 3

The main task of Mass Effect 3 is to gather enough resources and allies to finally fight the Reapers. There are a number of elements for this, such as choosing the Ideal parameters at the first meeting with Ashley or Kayden on Mars (which will help in Priority: The Citadel 2), completing missions and helping people, as well as a set of military assets. This will give players more options at the end of Mass Effect 3 and may mean that both Earth and the mass relay network will survive. Gamers must complete as many missions as possible, such as saving Jack and her students at Grissom Academy. Players must also use Charm or Intimidation options in their conversations with the Ghost, otherwise they risk putting Admiral Anderson in danger later.

Healing the genophage is of paramount importance to gaining the support of the Krogan, and although it will end badly for Mordin, he will atone for his guilt by putting an end to this inhumane practice.